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{ Frisian for 'gathering of friends' }

Benches or tables made of interlocked second hand furniture.

It surprised me that often you can find all kinds of unemployed (or, even worse, ready for the landfill) chairs and tables. To brighten up the life of those nice, innocent and various pieces of furniture, I wanted them to come together in an 'informal' way.

The first 'gearsit' took place during Noorderzon 2009.
Recently, the Slachtemarathon has chosen 'gearsit' in their project #rabobankjes to let athletes sit on them after walking or running the marathon.
After this event, some benches are auctioned for charity: the Foppe Fund.

• private commission
• materials: secondhand furniture, sundries
• supported by: recycling company Estafette
• images: Tryntsje Nauta